About Us

About TDL Repair

TDL Repair have been in the Vehicle Body Repair Industry for over 18 years covering all aspects of vehicle damage and repairs in this time we have operated throughout body repair shops, car dealerships and private clients.

Since 2006 we have specialised in PDR and built our impeccable reputation upon our knowledge, expertise and our dedication to always ensuring the highest standard of repair and complete customer satisfaction.

The Dent Removal Experts

The most common dents we repair are commonly referred to as ‘parking dents’ or ‘shopping trolley dents’ this is where a car parked next to yours will open their door up into the side of your car or supermarket shoppers will unsuccessfully try and fit there trolleys down the side of your car.

What About Vandalism?

We also tackle large panel dents, these are most typically caused by vandalism, we have repaired damage to a number of roof panels and bonnets where people have walked or jumped across vehicles and we occasionally repair a kicked in door panel.

Can Hail Damage Be Repaired?

Hail damage is less common in the UK but we also have experience working across multiple panels with multiple Hail Dents. Operating with a skilled team of PDR Hail damage experts we have used our PDR expertise to repair dents caused by heavy Hail storms.

Environmentally Friendly

Our repair processes minimise the effects on the environment compared to traditional Body-shop services. Carrying out Dent Repairs in panels without the need for sanding down fillers or replacing panels we reduce the overall waste produced and time consumption of your vehicles repair process.

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