My First Paintless Dent Repair Youtube Video

Just over 6 years ago I decided to create a video for TDL Repair showing how we can use glue pulling methods in Paintless Dent Repair to remove a dent from a car. I originally created the video to make it easier to explain the process to my potential customers.

Trying to explain how to remove a dent with PDR and glue was not always easy to understand and would often result in questions or doubt about how effective it could really be using glue to repair dents.

New to being on camera I was of course ​nervous but the response I ​had has been overwhelming. Over the last 6 years my video has been viewed over 2 Million times!

A Paintless Dent Repair Demonstration

I created the video to make it easy to explain and demonstrate the PDR process but I did not realise how it would also help my business and my credibility as a PDR technician.

I have since created a few more paintless dent repair videos showcasing the various methods where PDR can be better, wiser and a more cost effective choice for removing minor dents without the need for filler or paintwork or expensive bodyshop repair and insurance claims.

Here Is My First Youtube Video!!

Paintless Dent Repair, The Alternative To Filler & Paintwork

Hi my name's Tom with TDL dent and scratch repair and today I'm going to show you an alternative method to remove a dent without any filler or paintwork using a method known as paintless dent repair.

As you can see ​there's a small dent in the driver's side quarter panel of the car. Now to remove this dent I'm going to use adhesive tabs and a slide hammer and pull the dent from the outside.

Using a specially formulated glue we apply the tab and we let that set for a few seconds then by attaching a slide hammer we can then pull the dent from the outside.

As the dent gets smaller we can use smaller tabs to remove the remaining damage.

As you can see we've now completely removed the dent from the panel.

​Discover more about ​paintless dent removal! ​Visit our website!
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