TDL Repair is not held responsible for any unforeseen delays within the process, as some repairs and wheel refurbishment may take longer than standard to complete.

As a SMART (Small to Medium Area Repair Techniques) company, we can provide the most cost-effective and convenient solution to fix minor cosmetic damage to your vehicle. However, we do not have facilities to complete large repairs and paint jobs that will require a traditional bodyshop to fix the damage. What TDL Repair offers is a way to tidy up your vehicle for pre-sale affordably without the expense of a bodyshop repair or insurance claim.


Although we are equipped to work in almost all weather conditions, our technicians may have to reschedule repair if there are high winds or storms. Since we work outdoors, we cannot guarantee that the repair and paint work are undetectable. Nevertheless, we can assure that the damage on your vehicles are virtually untraceable, which is similar whether you visit a traditional bodyshop or use SMART repair.

Repairs and paint job may not always pass inspection using electronic paint depth gages, which some dealership and leasing companies use. However, it is very rare.


As a mobile repairer we are equipped to repair and repaint kerb damage to the outer face of the alloy wheels, we do not have the facilities to repair corrosion, cracks,  mis-shapen rims or to re-seal rims that are leaking air pressure. We will only cosmetically repair and repaint the outer face, rims and spokes of the alloy wheel and not the inside wheel edge or barrel of the wheel.


Our technicians will match your vehicles colour to the manufacturer’s specification or to the closest colour to the client’s request during the process of applying a painted finish and lacquer. An exact match may not always be possible and the finished result will be subjective. For paint on wheels, we strongly recommend all four of it to be painted and lacquered concurrently. Clients should be aware that there are certain high gloss finishes that present blemishes easily. Additional charges will be incurred, which will be calculated on an hourly basis plus materials, if the client requests for ‘as new finish’ or ‘show wheels’.


TDL Repair works on repairing car dents, scratches, bumper scuffs, and alloy wheel refurbishing to the best of their ability, but should not be held responsible for any unforeseen problems, such as hidden cracks, excessive corrosion, previous poor repairs and paint jobs and the likes. If issues like these become apparent, clients will be advised what has been detected and what can be done with an estimated new cost before we proceed with the service.