Dent Repairs

Dent Repairs? What Actually Is PDR?

PDR stands for ‘Paint-less Dent Removal’ and is a repair technique that involves removing a dent from a vehicle’s bodywork without any fillers or paintwork.

If the paintwork is still intact, it is possible to fully remove most small dents and reshape the panel back to its original form.

Your Car is An Investment - Dent Repairs Made Easy

At TDL Repair, we understand your car is an investment and realise you would like to maintain the look of your car for as long as possible. It is inevitable that your car will pick up small dings and dents most of which occur in a car park by other people opening their car doors into yours, or perhaps that runaway shopping trolley getting the better of you.

Increase The Value On Your Car Resale

Not only do these dents catch your eye every time you get in and out of your vehicle and spoil your own pride and joy but they can also heavily reduce the value when you come to sell or part exchange your car.

Using specially designed tools and state-of-the-art PDR techniques we can carefully remove these imperfections. Each dent is meticulously repaired from the inside out. We can return your car’s panels to their original shape. Dent removal without damaging the paint.

The Cost Effective Solution For Dent Repairs

Our dent repair results are amazing! Our customers call it “magic”, but it’s actually just years of experience with a truly innovative process that works!

TDL Mobile Dent Repair delivers a cost effective solution when it comes to repairing your ding or dent in a timely manner at your convenience.

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