How Do I Get a quote?

For a free quotation, just click any of the 'get a quote' links on our website pages, fill in your details and attach a few photos of your damage and we can provide you with a free no obligation repair quote, alternatively you can contact us directly via email, phone and via any of our social media platforms.

What Repairs Can You Do?

We specialise in minor cosmetic damage, we can repair most small bumper scratches with our SMART repair service and also offer a Paint-less Dent Repair service to remove minor dings and dents from vehicle bodywork with out the need for fillers or paintwork. We do not carry out crash damage or replace vehicle parts so heavier damage will still need to go to a traditional body-shop.

How much does a repair cost?

Each repair is assessed on a case by case basis as no two repairs are exactly the same and when we carry out multiple repairs on the same vehicle or multiple vehicles at the same location we are able to offer significant discounts but to give an estimated ballpark figure, standard dent repairs start from £75.00 and bumper scratch repairs start from £145.00.

How long does a repair take?

Most small dents can be removed within 1-2 hours and a bumper repair will usually take 3-4 hours to complete but this does depend on the extent of the damage and also the weather conditions can make a difference.

Will my repair be visible?

If the paintwork is intact we can usually fully remove minor dents back to the original finish leaving no signs of damage or repair work. All paint repairs are classed as virtually undetectable, it is impossible to recreate a factory finish without your car going back to a factory. But we are very skilled at our profession and take pride in our quality of work so will advise you if this is not possible before we start any repair work.

How Can You Do Repairs Without a Garage?

Having worked in body-shops for over 15 years we have adapted our skill set and tools to offer a mobile service, this is where the majority of the savings are made and why we can often offer repairs at a fraction of the body-shops repair cost.

If It’s Raining, Can You Still Repair My Car?

Yes, we use mobile repair shelters to enable us to work in most weather conditions, a bit of rain will not stop us repairing your car. If however there is a major storm or gale force winds we may need to postpone your repairs, this will be decided as early as possible and every effort will be made to accommodate you with the next convenient appointment.

What Happens if You Can’t Repair It?

This is usually determined at the estimating stage but if for any reason we can not repair your damage we will explain why and advise you as best possible on the alternative options available, there is no call out charge or fee if we can not repair your damage.

How Do I Pay?

Upon completion we will email you an invoice, this is payable online via direct bank transfer, credit or debit card as well as Paypal, if however these methods are not possible for you we do also accept cash and cheque.